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Amazing Grace Upliftment Centre was established in 2015 to

assist the many kids in Westlake who, for a variety of reasons,

could not attend school.  Our vision was to nurture, counsel,

feed and educate as many of these kids as possible, within

the limited space we had available.

Over the past six years, our centre has grown from strength

to strength. Our scope of assistance has widened

dramatically to include counseling of parents and children,

educational assessments, speech therapy, horse therapy,

hip hop classes, art classes, swimming lessons,  assistance of social workers, distributing food parcels, running soup kitchens and feeding schemes, assisting the community during difficult times such as fires and family deaths.


                                                                              We currently feed 300 people, twice a week at various                                                                                points in Westlake and are hoping to increase this to 5                                                                                days a week.

                                                                              We offer remedial services to kids from Westlake                                                                                            primary who are in danger of falling out of the                                                                                                schooling system.

                                                                              Thanks to incredible generosity, we are thrilled to have                                                                                expanded our facility dramatically.  Our beautiful new                                                                                building now boasts 2 class rooms, a multipurpose                                                                                        (dance, art, therapy and exercise) studio, 2  counseling                                                                                rooms, staff quarters, 5 bathrooms, 2 storerooms and a                                                                            bakery.


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