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Our secondary objective

The organisations secondary objective is to work with other organisations and ECD's in the community, to identify where problems exist and to remedy them together.
We work together with other community projects such as soup kitchens, crisis management, special community
upliftment events etc. 
How you can help us make a difference

Amazing Grace is a Non-profit organisations that functions solely on donations and fund raising.

Registration Number  

181-173  NPO

If you would like to be involved with our NPO, there are many ways that you could assist us:

*  Toys, puzzles, books etc,  are always needed and if there are things we cannot use we  will          distribute them amongst the ECD's in the community.

*  Stationary

*  If you have any skills which could be taught to the kids of Westlake.

*  Financial contributions towards our daily expenses.

* Financial contribution towards a vehicle which we could use to transport the kids. 

*  Any Contributions which could be used towards building our upliftment centre.

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